Final Fight 2 (snes)
200x100 GFX Company: Capcom
Genre: Beat 'em up
Released: USA: 1993 JPN: 1993
from the intro
After the destruction of the Mad Gear Gang, Metro City slowly returned to normal.

Cody and Jessica went on a vacation together and Guy went back to his training schedule.

Haggar also returned home and continued to rule Metro City as mayor. But secretly the Mad Gear Gang were regrouping.

Now, the Mad Gear Gang are ready to strike back at those who opposed them. Their first move is to kidnap Guy's fiancee, Rena and her father, Genryusai.

When Rena's sister Maki learns of this, she immediately contacted Haggar for help.

(HAGGAR): Hello. This is Mayor Mike Haggar.
(MAKI): Mike, it's me Maki. You have to help me.
(MAKI): The Mad Gear Gang have kidnapped my father and sister!
(HAGGAR): What?! The Mad Gear are back? But how...?
(MAKI): That doesn't matter. I found out that the Mad Gear are heading for Hong Kong and I'm going after them.
(HAGGAR): The Mad Gear Gang must pay for their crimes. I'll meet you in Hong Kong.

(CARLOS): I owe you and Guy so much, please let me go with you Mike. Besides, I love kick'n butt.
Genryusai was originally Guy and Maki's teacher, but the SFA games made Zeku Guy's master. Genryusai was reportedly recast as Zeku's teacher. One thing that doesn't seem to be retconned is that the intro to this game flashes back to the ending of the original Final Fight and shows that Cody is the one who knocked Belger out of the window. This may or may not have been influenced by the fact that Cody was one of the two playable characters in the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo port of Final Fight. Guy appears in the game's ending and the only way to see the full ending is to beat the game on its hardest setting. Guy also appears in cartoony form as an item which gives the player an extra life. The music from the game's introduction features remixed bits from two tracks from the first Final Fight. The classic Slums (round 1-1) music plays through most of the intro, but the tiny bit in the beginning (during the photo scene) comes from the track heard during the Andore family Cage Match on the Westside (round 3-2).

The only Mad Gear members of the first game to return for this sequel are the Andore family and Rolento. Rolento and entire Industrial Section were left out of the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo ports of Final Fight. Mary and Eliza, the female enemies found in the Japanese version, were replaced with newly-sprited male thugs (Robert and Leon) with the same moves. Won Won, the end boss of Round 1, had his cleaver edited out of his sprite set for the U.S. version as well.

There are two well known Street Fighter crossover cameos in this game. Chun-Li is eating in a restaurant in the middle of Round 1-1 and Guile can be found cheering in the hangars of Round 3-3. These are probably just fun easter eggs for the player and not meant to be taken as dead-serious canon. Please, do not try to add any sort of significance to these background tiles that were created for the sole purpose of making you smile. "B-but if Guile was in France at that time, maybe he had an affair with a woman that led to birth of Re- -" NO. Please, just stop.
Player Characters:
Carlos Haggar Maki
Enemy Characters:
Andore Bratken Freddie Philippe Retu Rolento Won-Won
Other Characters:
Genryusai Rena Cody (cameo) Guy (cameo) Jessica (cameo)
Screenshots (click to see full-sized):
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