An item obtained during the game that has an effect (often positive, but sometimes negative) for the player.

Effects include enhancements like temporary invincibility, automatic rapid-fire and upgraded attacks or movement. These items can appear in many places in a game such as being dropped from defeated enemies, destroyed background elements or provided by friendly characters. Famous examples of the power-up include Pac-Man's power pellets, the Magic Mushrooms in the Super Mario games and the invincibility from Sonic the Hedgehog.

BEWARE! Some have negative effects, like poisoned cider in Gauntlet, poisonous mushrooms in Magic Sword, and the infamous Skull item in the Bomberman games.
Related Terms: 1-UP/1UP (item)
Game list:
Altered Beast
power up time Wasp assist Double Shot Pow Magic Mushroom Fire Flower Fire Flower

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