crowd control
These are methods of keeping groups of enemies from surrounding and overwhelming you. It's usually easier to handle multiple enemies who are in front of you than it is to rapidly alternate directions to handle separate groups of threats. In games with direction+attack controls, it can lead to mistakes.

Crowd control be the little things in life, like keeping your back to a wall during an oncoming rush of enemies in situations when your goal isn't to escape. If you're playing a game in which thrown enemies damage other enemies (Final Fight, Streets of Rage, etc.) a character on one side of you can be thrown to the other side of you, which temporarily or permanently takes them out of action and keeps them on one side of you.

Some games have special attacks designed to hit everyone around the player or, in the case of 'smart bomb attacks,' hitting every enemy on the screen. There is usually a limit to how many times this can be done, including giving it a use/ammunition number, usage meter, having it use a bit of character health. Some games combine limits by taking health when the meter or ammo count is at zero.

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