Custom Sprites: DC Comics
Games included: Superman (arcade), Superman (Atari 2600), Batman: the Video Game (NES), Justice League Task Force (SNES), Injustice: Gods Among Us

Credits: Capcom, PrimeOp

Sub-gallery: Superman
Superman: Akimbo stand, scratch-made Superman: Akimbo stand, scratch-made Superman: Taito hover pose, scratch-made
Classic Superman
Superman: Action Comics #1 Superman: Action Comics #1 interior Superman: Fleischer Studios Superman: 90's return from death Superman: 90s return hair Superman: Superman Blue (90s) Superman: Superman Red (90s) Superman: Earth-2 Superman: Kingdom Come
other versions of Superman
Superman: Taito arcade game stance Superman: edit (base: Magneto) Superman: (base: Magneto) Superman: (base: Magneto)
Superman (older Magneto/Guile-based edits)

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