Predator Warrior
Company: Capcom
Allies/Friends: Predator Hunter, Major Dutch Schaefer, Lt. Linn Kurosawa
Enemies/Rivals: Alien Warrior, Admiral
Official Bios
from Alien vs Predator - US attract mode bio
A warrior from the stars, who lives for combat. He searches the galaxy for worthy game to hunt. Equipped with powerful weapons, his honor will not let him take unfair advantage during a hunt.
CODE: XX-000082
SPEED 42/56
POWER 28/56
SKILL 35/56

from Alien vs Predator - EU arcade flyer
Tireless fighter
Predator Warrior
A champion from a race that lives for combat.
Extraordinary punching and jumping power.
Special Weapon: Spear
Gun: Shoulder Cannon
(Fires a single-shot, homing explosive shell.
Gun gauge is restored with time)
Gear, Accessories, Equipment, etc.:
Spear, Shoulder Canon
visually similar to the "Jungle Hunter" antagonist from the film "Predator" that begins the Predator franchise. That film stars the original Dutch Schaefer.
Appears in:
Alien vs. Predator (arcade)

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