Lt. Linn Kurosawa
Company: Capcom
Allies/Friends: Major Dutch Schaefer, Predator Hunter, Predator Warrior
Enemies/Rivals: Alien Warrior, Admiral
Official Bios
from Alien vs Predator - US attract mode bio
A cyborg who leads the 13th Colonial Marines Corps. She is a master of ancient martial arts which she combines with her super strength for lethal effect. Always equipped with a Japanese Katana, the blade represents her soul.
CODE: BH-00054C
SPEED 35/56
POWER 7/56
SKILL 56/56

from Alien vs Predator - EU arcade flyer
Samurai survivor
Lieutenant Lynn Kurosawa
She is as swift and deadly as the sword by her side.
Though unable to grapple foes, she excels in aerial combat, including kicks and throws.
Special Weapon: Katana
Gun: Handgun
(Shoots a rapid-fire burst. Gun gauge goes to zero and is then reloaded)
Gear, Accessories, Equipment, etc.:
Katana, handgun
Kurosawa was created by Capcom for the game, but appeared to be in somewhat of a legal limbo due to being tied to the licensed game. She has yet to make another true and named appearance in a game. A character with her hair and signature shoulder pad appears in Ken's tribute-filled Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage, though many of the cameos have been explained away as tributes or cosplays (especially since many of those characters exist in later time periods). Sylphie, the shopkeeper from Forgotten Worlds, cosplays as Linn while performing one of Kurosawa's special attacks in Namco X Capcom. Sophie, a playable character created Capcom's Cannon Spike, shares many design elements with Linn. Kurosawa re-emerged from that limbo to be part of NECA's Alien vs Predator 7-inch action figure line in a two-pack with Major Dutch Schaefer.
Appears in:
Alien vs. Predator (arcade)
Tags: crossover

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