Sprites: Black Tiger / Magic Sword
Games included: Black Tiger (Arcade), Magic Sword (Arcade), Capcom World 2 (Arcade)

Sprites: Black Tiger and Magic Sword Sprites

Black Tiger and Magic Sword

Magic Sword arcade
with default sword with falchion sword with samurai sword with broad sword with great sword with thunder sword
Player 1
with default weapon with battle axe with halberd with broad axe with fire axe with great axe
Player 2
Amazon Amazon Knight Thief Wizard Wizard Ninja level 1 Ninja level 5 Ninja level 7 Lizardman
Big Man Level 1 Big Man Level 3 Big Man Level 5 Big Man Level 7 Priest Level 1 Priest Level 3 Priest Level 5 Priest Level 7
Chimera Chimera Drokmar Drokmar

Capcom World 2
Magic Swordsman Lizardman Heroic Thief

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