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Nintendo Balloon Fight Captain N Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Ice Climbers - marquee Kid Icarus - Pit Kirby (Dream Land GB style) Kirby (Adventure NES style) Kirby (Super Star SNES style) Legend of Zelda - NES The Legend of Zelda Link - Zelda II style Link - A Link to the Past style Zelda - A Link to the Past style Pokémon, made 2020 Pokémon, flat Pikachu (Hey You, Pikachu style, made 2020 Mario - SMB1 style Mario - 2011 Luigi - SMB1 style Peach - SMB1 style Peach - Super Princess Peach Toad - SMB1 style Bowser - SMB1 style Koopa - SMB1 style Lakitu - SMB1 style Wart - SMB2 style Wart - SMB2 style Daisy - SML style Metroid - NES Metroid - Super Metroid Samus - NES Wario (1st logo style) Super Smash Bros. 2014 games

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