Marvel Super Heroes link
Blackheart Captain America Doctor Doom Hulk Iron Man Juggernaut Magneto Psylocke Shuma-Gorath Spider-Man Thanos Wolverine

Marvel vs. Capcom link
Captain America Chun-Li Captain Commando Gambit The Incredible Hulk Jin Saotome Megaman Morrigan Onslaught Rockman Roll Ryu Shadow Lady Spider-Man Strider Hiryu (Japan) Strider (USA) Venom War Machine Wolverine Zangief

Note: the HUD name graphics for the lead characters in the 1993 Punisher game by Capcom fit the mini-logo standard if you exclude the "x" that was placed in front of the number of lives.
The Punisher (1993) by Capcom link
the Punisher Nick Fury

Custom Mini Logos

Here are some of the character and game logos that I edited to the 64 x 26 pixel size used in Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom (not counting MvsC's TM in the Marvel logos). I started making these for a graphic generator but I've started this page to share them. Use these in your fan projects like tribute games, fan sites, sigs and all that good stuff. Just let people know where you got it from if they ask so they can get logos for their projects.

Activision link
Activision H.E.R.O. Pitfall (Atari 2600 box cover) Pitfall (Atari 2600 box cover)

ADK Corporation link
ADK Corporation Gang Wars Kyros

Atari link
Atari Atari Centipede Gauntlet Gauntlet cab font Gauntlet cab font Gauntlet cab font Gauntlet cab font Guardians of the 'Hood

Atlus link
Atlus Run Saber

Bandai link
Bandai Monster Party (Box)

Banpresto link
Banpresto Denjin Makai Denjin Makai II

Capcom link
Capcom Abigail Andore Akuma - custom 1 Avengers (in-game) Battle Circuit (title screen) Balrog - Boxing style Bison - Boxing style Bison - custom Shadaloo Style Bionic Commando - box/marquee style Black Widow - signature Black Dragon Darkstalkers - Bishamon Blanka - custom 1 Blanka - custom 1 Cammy - Viz graphic novel logo Charlie Cody - FF1 logo based Dan - SFA logo based Devil May Cry (broken style) - Dante Damnd Darkstalkers Demitri Dhalsim Dr. Light Dr. Right Dr. Wily Edi.E E.Honda Darkstalkers - Felicia Final Fight Final Fight (with bricks) Firebrand (Gargoyle Quest II style) Forgotten Worlds Ghosts 'n Goblins Ghosts 'n Goblins Arthur - Ghosts 'n Goblins style Guile - custom Guy - FF Guy based Haggar - FF Guy based Hugo - SFA3 billboard Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Hugo J Jedah KEN - SF2 like Knights of the Round Mega Man X Rockman X Lou - Midnight Wanderers style Mad Gear Maki - FF2 style Marvel vs. Capcom Mega Man - Power Battles Mega Man - early NES Mega Man - Yellow Michelle Heart Michele Heart Poison (old custom logo) Poison (2011 custom logo) Power Stone Radd Spencer (classic) Resident Evil Biohazard Biohazard Chris Redfield Jill Valentine - S.T.A.R.S. style Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Rolento Rolento (custom) Rose Roxy (2011 custom logo) Sagat - SF2 based custom Sakura - Sakura Ganbaru logo Sodom - FF-Mad Gear based custom Solo v.1 Son Son - marquee colors Street Fighter Street Fighter Street Fighter II Street Fighter IV Street Fighter X Tekken Shadaloo (SCRI style) Street Fighter 6 cutscene Damnd, from cutscene Street Fighter 6 cutscene  Juri Street Fighter 6 cutscene Kimberly, from cutscene Street Fighter 6 Dee Jay, from cutscene Street Fighter 2010 Strider (Genesis & European Mega Drive cover logo) Ton Pooh (custom) Tron Bonne (PS1 US) Two.P (custom) Two.P (custom) Tyrant (R.E. 2 style) Unknown Soldier Vega - custom ShadoStyle X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Capcom Secret File logo Zero - MMX style

Compile link
Compile the Guardian Legend Alyssa (Guardic Lettering

Conatus Creative link
Conatus Creative River City Ransom: Underground

Data East link
Data East Data East Bad Dudes - U.S. media logo Bad Dudes - Blade Bad Dudes - Striker Dragonninja Dragonninja BurgerTime Chelnov - arcade logo Dark Seal Fighter's History Karnov - 1st game logo Karnov - Karnov's Revenge style Karate  Champ - arcade marquee style Karate  Champ - NES box style Joe & Mac Joe & Mac Returns Joe Mac Night Slashers Night Slashers Sly Spy Trio the Punch Werewolf: the Last Warrior

DC Comics link
D.C. 2005 Amanda Waller Aquaman Aquaman the Atom the Atom Bane Bane Batgirl Batgirl Black Manta - ScrollBoss custom Batman 60's TV show Batman 60's TV show Batman early 1980s Batman early 1980s Batman (1989 film) Batman (current) Batman (current) Batman (current) Big Barda (Who's Who v.1) Bizarro 1980's Black Canary - early 90s Black Lightning - 90s Blue Beetle - 1980s Booster Gold 2007 Brainiac 1980's Bronze Tiger Catman, Who's Who v.1 Catwoman - Mego Catwoman - 1980s Catwoman - 1990s Catwoman - 1990s Catwoman 2004 movie Captain Boomerang, Who's Who v.1 Captain Cold - Who's Who v.1 Captain Marvel Cheetah Cheetah Crime Syndicate Cyborg - 1980s Darkseid Deathstroke the Terminator Deathstroke the Terminator Despero (1990 Who's Who) Deadshot (1988 mini-series) Dr. Fate - 80s Sivana (Who's Who) Elongated Man (Silver Age) Fire (Who's Who 1990) 'Fury of' with no fury, Super Powers toy card the Flash: Flash Comics 1, page 1 the Flash Silver Age the Flash Silver Age the Flash Silver Age the Flash Late 80s the Flash 2006 Golden Glider, Who's Who v.1 Gorilla Grodd Granny Goodness (Who's Who v.1) Green Arrow - 70s Green Arrow - 80s Green Arrow - 80s Green Arrow - 90s GL Silver Age GL Silver Age lantern GL - Rayner era 1 GL - Rebirth era GL - Rebirth era Guy Gardner - Rebirth era Harley Quinn - comic logo Hawkman Hawkman Hawkgirl Icon Impulse the Joker (Mego logo) the Joker the Joker the Joker Justice League of America (Giffen/JMD/Maguire era stencil 2) (Giffen/JMD/Maguire era stencil 2) Lex Luthor (early 80s) Lois Lane '50s-'60s) Lois Lane 1971-1972) Croc (Who's Who 1985) Magpie Martian Manhunter (1980s) Martian Manhunter (1980s-2000's) Martian Manhunter (1980s-2000's) Mera, 1980's Metamorpho (1st logo) Mirror Master Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze Nubia WW #205 OMAC (Who's Who v.1) Orion the Peacekeeper the Penguin the Penguin Plasticman Poison Ivy Poison Ivy Power Girl the Question (O'Neil era) the Question (O'Neil era) the Question (O'Neil era) Raven (Tales of the Teen Titans) Red Tornado classic, red-yellow Red Tornado - 1985 mini-series Reverse Flash (Rebirth) Riddler (Mego era) Riddler (Mego era) Riddler, Who's Who v.1 Robin the Teen Wonder Robin the Teen Wonder Robin - 90's Scarecrow Shazam Shazam Shazam Shrapnel Shrapnel Sinestro - Rebirth style Solomon Grundy - Who's Who Solomon Grundy - Who's Who Stargirl (TV logo) Static Steel Supergirl Supergirl Superman Superman Superman Superman Swamp Thing The New Teen Titans The New Teen Titans The New Teen Titans Toyman (based on Action Comics 432, page 1) Two-Face Vixen - original Wonder Twins WW - classic Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman - Super Powers card WW - 2007 WW - 2007 Zatanna - older logo Zod (Phantom Zone logo style) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Astro City link
Astro City Samaritan

Epyx link

G.I.JOE link
G.I.JOE - ARAH-style 1 G.I.JOE - ARAH G.I.JOE - ARAH G.I.JOE - ARAH G.I.JOE - ARAH G.I.JOE - ARAH, Japan G.I.JOE - ARAH, Japan Action Force - stencil Action Force - joe-like Scarlett - ARAH style Snake Eyes - ARAH style Sgt. Slaughter Sgt. Slaughter Snake Eyes - Marvel/Ninja Force Cobra - IDW series Cobra Dreadnok (2011 Dreadnok Battle Pack)

Hudson link
Hudson Hudson Bomberman Bomberman Keith Courage

Human link
Human Fire Pro Wrestling - Combination Tag

IREM link
IREM IREM Kid Niki - arcade title screen Kung-Fu Master - arcade title screen Kung Fu (NES) Ninja Baseball Batman Spartan-X Vigilante Undercover Cops

Independent link
Combat Core (title screen) by MABManZ Project Sen - Sen by CakeMachine Games

Jaleco link
Jaleco Astyanax Astyanax Avenging Spirit Rushing Beat (R.Beat Ran style) Rick Norton Douglas Bild Kazan Hachoo Hachoo

Jordan Mechner link
Prince of Persia (original)

LucasArts link
Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Kaneko link
Kaneko DJ Boy, JPN flyer/Genesis art Lady Master of Kung Fu

Konami link
Konami Ultra Games Bayou Billy Alucard Alucard Dracula - (Dracula X) Richter Simon Simon Sonia Trevor Maria Renard Death Medusa Succubus Contra - in-game Circus Charlie Contra - marquee & art Crime Fighters Dark Adventure Dark Adventure Frogger (marquee/flyer) Goemon Goemon Metal Gear Solid v1 Metamorphic Force Mystic Warriors Rush 'n Attack Silent Hill (movie) S.P.Y. Special Project Y Sunset Riders Twinbee Vendetta Violent Storm

Marvel Comics link
Marvel Marvel Absorbing Man, Hulk #125 Ant-Man (Tales to Astonish) Apocalypse Archangel - X-Men Unlimited 6 the Avengers the Avengers the Avengers the Avengers Baron Zemo - Captain Amercia #277 cover Batroc the Leaper Beast 70's Bishop (1994) Black Panther (Jungle Action era, v.1) Black Panther - C.Priest era Black Knight Black Cat 90's Black Widow 90's Black Widow 90's custom Black Widow Blade (movie) Captain America ('80s) Cable - Early 90's Cable - Early 90's Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) Carnage Carnage Colossus Colossus Cyclops Dazzler Daredevil Daughters of the Dragon 70s Deadpool the Defenders the Defenders Doctor Strange Doctor Strange Elektra Elektra Fantastic Four Fantastic Four the Falcon the Falcon Firestar (v1) Firestar (v1) Goliath (Avengers #28 cover) Ghost Rider (1990's) Ghost Rider (1990's) Green Goblin (70s Marvel Style Guide) Green Goblin (Mego) Grim Reaper - Avengers #52 cover Groot (Tales to Astonish #13) Guardians of the Galaxy, 2007 logo Havok - old logo Hawkeye Hulk Human Torch (mid-70's solo) Iceman (1980s miniseries) Invisible Girl (Mego-era) Iron Fist (classic) Iron Fist (classic) Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Jean Grey (1990s) Kang - Avengers #129 cover Klaw Kingpin (Amazing Spider-Man#51 page1 Living Laser, Iron Man #289 cover Loki (mini-series logo) Mandarin (Iron Man #242 cover) Marrow Medusa (Amazing Spider-Man #62) Mister Fantastic ('60s-'70s) Mister Fantastic ('60s-'70s) Mockingbird MODOK: Tales of Suspense #94 Moon Knight 1989 Moon Knight Moon Knight Moonstone - Hulk #228 cover Ms. Marvel - 2006 Mystique Mystique Mystique Namor Namor Nebula - Avengers #318 cover Nick Fury - early 90's Nightcrawler - Marvel Team-Up Nightcrawler - '80s Nightcrawler - '80s Nightshade Omega Red Phoenix Phoenix Professor X - Marvel Team-up #118 Power Man Power Man Cage, 1992 Power Man and Iron Fist Punisher Quicksilver Red Skull - 1995 Rocket Raccoon 80's Rogue - 1995 Rogue - 1995 Sabretooth Sabretooth Sabretooth Scarlet Witch Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Shadowcat - Marvel Comics Presents #32 She-Hulk (Byrne era) She-Hulk (Byrne era) She-Hulk Silver Samurai (Daredevil #111) Silver Surfer 1968 Silver Surfer 1990 Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Star-Lord (Annihilators) Storm Storm Taskmaster (Avengers 196 cover) Taskmaster (Avengers 196 cover) Thing Thor, logo 1 Thor Titania Ultron, West Coast Avengers Annual 8 cover Viper (Eaglemoss figurine) Vision Vision Vision Wasp (Marvel Team-Up #59) White Queen (1985 poster) Emma Frost from Strange Tales #102 Wonder Man, 90s v.2 X-Men X-Men X-Men - Konami arcade game X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Capcom Secret File logo

McFarlane link
Spawn, v.1 Violator Violator

Movies link
Alien Alien vs. Predator Black Sunday Blacula Carrie Candyman Candyman Child's Play Chucky Chucky Tiffany (Child's Play) Dawn of the Dead 1978 Demoni (Lamberto Bava) Demons (Lamberto Bava) Do the Right Thing E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Atari 2600 Elvira Evil Dead - serif logo Evil Dead II, intro logo Ash (Ash vs. Evil Dead style) Flash Gordon (1980) Friday the 13th, poster style Friday the 13th, LJN box Friday the 13th, Jason - Jason Lives merch style Halloween Halloween the Shape the Shape Michael Myers Halloween 3 Hellraiser the Last Dragon Bruce Leroy Laura (based on Laura's Video Hotfix logo) Sho'nuff The Killer The Killer My Bloody Valentine A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy, Freddy's Dead style Nightmares - the Bishop of Battle Phantasm Predator Predator the Return of the Living Dead Robocop, 1987 poster Robocop, arcade Robocop, NES Scream Shocker (1989 movie) Stephen King The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface - TCM3 style Toxic Avenger Trick 'R Treat Underworld Dracula WNUF Halloween Special Frank Stewart (WNUF Halloween Special)

Music link
Grandmaster Flash (Message logo) Public Enemy Geto Boys (We Can't Be Stopped album cover) Wu-Tang Clan - classic

Namco link
Namco Beraboh Man Bravoman (TG-16) Bravoman (TG-16) Dig Dug Mappy Miru, Pac & Pal style Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man - Arcade Marquee Pac-Man - Arcade Marquee, old mini-logo Pac-Man, flat Pac-Land - arcade, in-game Puck Man Baby Pac-Man, marquee-like Jr. Pac-Man, marquee-like Pac-Jr. Super Pac-Man USA logo Chomp Chomp Rolling Thunder 1 Splatterhouse Rick (Splatterhouse) Tekken 1 Tekken - Modern and Street Fighter X Tekken Street Fighter X Tekken Valkyrie no Densetsu Wonder Momo, JPN arcade Wonder Momo, ShiftyLook

Natsume link
Natsume Natsume Shadow of the Ninja

Nintendo link
Nintendo Balloon Fight Captain N Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Ice Climbers - marquee Kid Icarus - Pit Kirby (Dream Land GB style) Kirby (Adventure NES style) Kirby (Super Star SNES style) Legend of Zelda - NES The Legend of Zelda Link - Zelda II style Link - A Link to the Past style Zelda - A Link to the Past style Pokémon, made 2020 Pokémon, flat Pikachu (Hey You, Pikachu style, made 2020 Mario - SMB1 style Mario - 2011 Luigi - SMB1 style Peach - SMB1 style Peach - Super Princess Peach Toad - SMB1 style Bowser - SMB1 style Koopa - SMB1 style Lakitu - SMB1 style Wart - SMB2 style Wart - SMB2 style Daisy - SML style Metroid - NES Metroid - Super Metroid Samus - NES Wario (1st logo style) Super Smash Bros. 2014 games

Palace Software link
Barbarian Barbarian 2

Platinum Games link

Rare link
Rare Battletoads Wizards and Warriors Wizards and Warriors

RAK Graphics link

Raven's Dojo! link
Raven's Dojo!

Sega link
Sega Sega Alex Kidd - Miracle World style Alex Kidd - High Tech World style Alex Kidd - Enchanted Castle style Alex Kidd - Lost Stars arcade style Alex Kidd - Lost Stars arcade logo letters Alex and Stella - Lost Stars arcade Alien Storm Alien Storm - Alien Busters logo Alien Storm - Alien Burgers logo Alien Syndrome Altered Beast Altered Beast Crazy Taxi, B.D. JOE Dynamite Dux (arcade) ESWAT (arcade) Opa-Opa Upa-Upa Flashgal Gain Ground Golden Axe Golden Axe Ax Battler - GA1 style Gilius - GA1 style Tyris Flare - GA1 style Death Adder (GA:RoDA based) Death Adder (GA:RoDA based) Death Adder (GA:RoDA based) Pengo (U.S. version) Pengo, original version/in-game Psycho Fox (in-game) Quartet - arcade Shinobi - arcade Shinobi - arcade Shinobi - Genesis/Mega Drive the Revenge of Shinobi - Genesis/Mega Drive Musashi - Genesis/Mega Drive style Shinobi, Yamato Shadow Dancer - in-game Shadow Dancer - U.S. marquee Shinobi, Zeed - R.o.S. Round 2 Shinobi 2002 PS2 game Sonic - Sonic 1 style Sonic - Sonic 3 style Tails - Sonic 3 style Knuckles - Sonic 3&K style Streets of Rage SoR1 style Bare Knuckle Streets of Rage title screen SoR - Axel Stone SoR - Adam Hunter SoR - Blaze Fielding SoR - 'Skate' Hunter SoR - Max Thunder SoR - Victy Mr. X - SoR in-game logo style Shiva Onihime Yasha Electra

SNK link
SNK Art of Fighting Athena - arcade version Burning Fight Fatal Fury - Fatal Fury 1 Garou: Mark of the Wolves Ikari Warriors (USA logo) Ikari III the Rescue (marquee) Paul - Ikari Warriors Vince - Ikari Warriors Clark - Ikari Warriors Ralf - Ikari Warriors Geese - FF Special style Haohmaru - Sam.Sho.1 logo style Iori - KoF-Kyo logo style The King of Fighters '94 The King of Fighters '98 King - AoF 1 logo style Kyo - KoF-Kyo logo style Guerrilla War Mai (custom) Metal Slug centered, 1 & 2 coloring Metal Slug centered, 3 coloring Mars People - Based on nothing but hints at M.Slug logo just a bit. Nakoruru - Sam.Sho.1 logo style P.O.W. Prisoners of War P.O.W. Prisoners of War Psycho Soldier Ryo - AoF 1 logo style Robo Army Samurai Showdown Terry - F.Fury custom Street Smart Todo - AoF 1 logo style Yamazaki - RealBout F. Fury 1 style Yuri - AoF 1 logo style

Spike Chunsoft link
Spike Chunsoft

Square Enix link
Square Enix Square Enix Moon Diver

Stern link
Stern Berzerk - arcade logo Berzerk - arcade logo

Sunsoft link
Sunsoft Kangaroo - arcade in-game logo Sunman (from the unreleased prototype Tough Turf

TAD Corporation link
TAD Corporation Cabal Toki

Taito link
Taito Bubble Bobble, Bub Bubble Bobble, Bob Cadash Cadash, Mage Cadash, Fighter Cadash, Ninja Cadash, Priest Crime City Elevator Action Elevator Action Deluxe the FairyLand Story Growl Sayo (KiKi KaiKai) Kage (the Legend of Kage) Ninja Warriors Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors) the New Zealand Story the New Zealand Story Pocky (Pocky & Rocky) Rocky (Pocky & Rocky) Rastan Silent Dragon Sonic Blast Man Space Invaders Violence Fight Zoo Keeper

Technos link
Technos Technos Combatribes Combatribes Double Dragon (arcade title screen) Double Dragon (custom gold bevel) Billy (DD1 US logo style) Jimmy (DD1 US logo style) Shadow Warriors (custom) Kunio-Kun River City Ransom cover logo Alex - RCR box style Ryan - RCR box style Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari - Famicom box style Renegade (marquee) Renegade (marquee)

Tecmo link
Tecmo Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden, NES box Ryu Hayabusa Irene Lew Rygar Wild Fang

Telenet link

Television link
Elvira Movie Macabre TV Funhouse the Last Drive-In the Simpsons Stranger Things

TMNT link
TMNT - 1980s merch Leo - 80smedia logo style Don - 80smedia logo style Raph - 80smedia logo style Mike - 80smedia logo style April O'Neil Casey Jones, early '90s Bebop, TMNT Classics Rocksteady, TMNT Classics

Toys and Cartoons link
Barbie (1959) COPS (Toy logo) COPS (cartoon logo) Jem the Misfits (Jem) M.A.S.K. M.A.S.K. VENOM (MASK) Masters of the Universe (80s) He-Man (1980's) Skeletor (MOTU font) She-Ra (1980's) Super Naturals (Tonka) Thundercats (1980's) the Simpsons SilverHawks the Transformers - G1 the Transformers - G1

Universal link
Universal Ladybug Mr. Do!, U.S. cabinet Mr. Do!, in-game

Vanillaware link
Vanillaware Dragon's Crown

Victor Interactive Software link
Legendary Axe, TG16 cover

Video System Co. link
Video System, mid-90s logo Video System, mid-90s logo Karate Blazers

WayForward link
WayForward Shantae

Williams - Midway link
Midway Williams Defender Joust NARC Kinky Pinky (NARC) Robotron 2084 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Sub-Zero (MKM-based) Scorpion (MK logo style) Cage (MK logo style) Kitana (MK logo style) Kitana (MK logo style) Wizard of Wor Xenophobe (arcade, in-game)

Illmosis Network link
Illmosis ScrollBoss The Revenge of 1989, 2014 version Beans vs. Cornbread

This is Sage Freehaven's gallery of mini-logo work that fits into the 64 x 26 pixel format. These were donated to the site to share, along with filling in the gaps missing from this site's galleries (especially wrestling). Thank you, Sage!
Sage Freehaven's mini-logos link
Banjo Kazooie Gurren Lagann Dai-Gurren TNA TNA TNA - Main Event Mafia TNA - Main Event Mafia Into the Spider-Verse WWE - classic redone WWE - Attitude redone Degeneration-X ECW - WWE Brand NXT Raw Raw SmackDown SmackDown SmackDown the Shield WrestleMania

Sage Freehaven made some wrestling company/stable mini-logos and was kind enough to let them be posted on ScrollBoss. Check out more on Sage_Freehaven's DeviantArt page (deactivated). Thank you, Sage!
Sage Freehaven's Wrestling logos link
TNA TNA TNA - Main Event Mafia TNA - Main Event Mafia WWE - classic redone WWE - Attitude redone Degeneration-X ECW - WWE Brand NXT Raw Raw SmackDown SmackDown SmackDown the Shield WrestleMania

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