Baroness (G.I.JOE)
Creators/Converters: PrimeOp

Compatable with 414DOS and WinMugen

Info: Started out as a sprite edit of the Baroness back in the days when my favorite sprite edits were all potential future MUGEN character sprite sets. The plan was to make an edited character that was much more than an easy edit. This meant that any moves would take much longer to do since I had to make them all look consistant. She was going to be a 'troop commander' character in the sense that she'd deploy enemies like Captain Commando or Jill Valentine does while still having her own special moves and weapons. Different palettes would unlock different troops. Her regular black outfit would cause her to send out mostly regular Cobra troopers while her 'Crimson Strike Force' palette would've sent Crimson Guardsmen and Crimson Vipers. There'd also be a Python Patrol version and a few others.

Why stop?:I foolishly posted preview .gifs of her on my website and a few MUGEN message boards not realizing that anyone from outside the community went there. But they did. There are still people who go to the boards only to take whatever sprites they can, scurry back to their board and offer them up as board avatars. Being cowards, they NEVER give credit to those who did the editing. I found out that EVERY beta preview sprite that I'd ever done for the Baroness was now on a lot of boards, especially her palm strike-to-kick combo. All of that editing had became a common sight and also brought more attention to the project. Around this same time, the crew making that G.I.JOE mod for Battlefield 1942 (or whatnot) got hit with a legal cease-and-desist order from Hasbro. Not wanting a similar legal hassle, I stopped working on her. Why keep doing all this work when it runs the possiblity of getting shut down anyway? And what fun was it when I couldn't even show my progress without it becoming another disposable avatar?

I'd love to finish the set, give the sprites to a good programmer, and let this see the light of day. But thanks to various message boards, people have seen those beta sprites about a zillion times now and any chance for a "wow" factor with the character is dead. If I ever start work on another WIP for anything, I'm not going to post any previews .gifs of it, period. The more you know! **NBC star flies across screen**

Update 2011/12/07: I put a ZIP file of the unfinished sprite set to the site that can be found here.

: Incomplete W.I.P. sprite pack : ()

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