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Altered Beast (Genesis)

The goddess Athena has been captured by the evil Neff to become his bride in an unholy cerimony that could shift the balance of the good and evil. Zeus, Athena's father and lord of the Olympian Gods, has resurrected two mighty warriors to battle through Hades and rescue the grey-eyed goddess before Neff can complete his plans. Though Zeus cannot directly intervene in such events, he has given his champions the ability to transform into Altered Beasts of half-man and half-animal. Only with these powers do they have a chance to topple Neff and save Athena from the Underworld.

Few console system pack-in games can stand the test of time like Altered Beast. From the very ill music to the fabled transformation scenes, this one still holds a dear place in the hearts of old-school heads. This is one game that deserves a sequel. Your Genesis collection isn't complete without this game.

Golden Axe (Genesis)

The Royal Family has been kidnapped by the evil tyrant known only as the Death Adder. To break the spirits of the people even further, he has also stolen the legendary Golden Axe, the symbol of the kingdom's might. As barbarric minions raze the land, only 3 warriors are brave enough to stand up to the villains: Ax Battler, the savage swordsman, Tyrus Flare, the deadly amazon, and Gilius Thunderhead, the warrior dwarf. Only they can end the reign of Death Adder and restore peace to the land.

This is another favorite of many Genesis addicts. Not only does it feature some of the most fun hack-and-slash gameplay, but also features one of the first video game "babes", Tyrus Flare. I highly recommend this game and it's sequel Golden Axe II, especially with the cover by fantasy painter Boris Vallejo and better magic system.

Revenge of Shinobi (Genesis)

Joe Musashi returns from seclusion upon finding out that NeoZeed has begun a new campaign of terrorism. Trying to insure Musashi's non interferance by kidnapping the love of his life, they only enrage the man many call the Shinobi...the living shadow. Now, Musashi embarks on a one man campaign of justice and revenge with the fate of the free world hanging in the balance.

This is in my holy pantheon of all games. It's the joint. It's the jam. Ninjaness at it's finest. Not only did it have awesome gameplay and graphics for it's time, but it has what I still believe to be some of the tightest adventure game music of all time. If you are a newbie to Genesis gaming and want to see tight gameplay, peep this game.

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