Sprites: Final Fight 2 sprites
Games included: Final Fight 2 (SNES)

Maki Maki Maki: Player 2 clone (from secret code) Maki Maki: with Tonpha Maki: with Lumber Maki
Haggar Haggar Haggar: Player 2 clone (from secret code) Haggar Haggar: with Tonpha Haggar: with Lumber Haggar
Carlos Carlos Carlos: Player 2 clone (from secret code) Carlos Carlos: with Tonpha Carlos: with Lumber Carlos

Bull Mic Elijah Schot Jack Jack Eliza Mary Elias Elias Eliot Eliot Altus Altus Jony Jony
Drone enemies (hover over sprite to see name)
Andore Andore Andore Andore Jr. Andore Jr. G.Andore G.Andore
Andore family
Won Won Won Won: cleaver used in Jpn. version only Freddie Freddie Bratken Philippe Rolento Rolento: FF1 recolor edit Retu
Genryusai and Rena Drumcan Case Radio Senko Spanner Watch Point Icon Milk Spinach Nikuman Softdrink Barbecue Knife Lumber Tonpha Guy figure (Extra Life) Guy figure (Extra Life)
Genryusai and Rena, Containers, Point Items, Food, Weapons and Extra Life

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