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Screen type and layout style. Click small preview to see sprite placement.

River City Ransom NES Shop
Kunio-Kun/River City Ransom NES
RCRansom/Kunio-Kun SD NES styleP1P2
RCR NES edits/customs, game charsP1P2
RCR/Kunio-Kun ShopkeepersP1P2
RCR/Kunio-Kun NES customs, comicsP1P2
RCR/Kunio-Kun NES customs TV & MoviesP1P2
RCR SD NES variable colorsP1P2
Mega Man NES
Mega Man NES-series heroesP1P2
Mega Man NES Robot MastersP1P2
Mega Man NES Wily & DronesP1P2
Mega Man NES-style custom spritesP1P2
Mega Man NES-style custom, comicsP1P2
Mega Man NES-style custom, Movies TV MusicP1P2
Other 8-bit
Custom 8-bit spritesP1P2
Double Dragon - NES styleP1P2
Mighty Final Fight - NES styleP1P2
NES/GB - other gamesP1P2