Updates will continue to be small while I work on a bunch of stuff including a mini-comic/artbook for a comic convention in May. It’s something that I wanted to do last year but didn’t finish.

S-Files – I’m still making minor adjustments to the engine. The default index page groups characters by the first letter in their filename. One problem is trying to get a sprite background that will keep sprites from blending in with it. There has been a slight change to how the main picture is displayed so please let me know if there are any errors with it bugging out. I finally made a crude “profile maker” to help make and modify profiles for reasons I’ll explain in the lab.
New: Blood, Boomer, Hawk, Kate, Sledge from Crime Fighters 2/Vendetta. Norton and Bild from the Rushing Beat series.
Updated: Mike Haggar, Rolento

GFX Generators

New GroupShot styles: the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “character ring” with two solo variations and one where you can fit three characters.
Characters added: Cable, Marrow, Nakoruru (SNK), Zero (Capcom),
Palettes updated: Chun-Li, Felicia, Rogue (Green/White from MvsC2), Ryu
Other updates: Apocalypse (X-Men: CotA name graphic), Black Widow (logo), Jill (MvsC3 outfit sprite edit), She-Hulk (logos), SoR’s Shiva (custom mini logo), Storm (logo)

Custom Sprites – Zero added to the Capcom page

Mini Logos – Alien Busters & Alien Burgers (from Sega’s Alien Storm), Black Widow (Marvel), Growl, Marrow (X-Men 72 cover), Nakoruru (SNK), Shiva (Sega), Storm, Zero (Capcom).

Logos – added My Hero, Tower of Druaga, Warrior Blade – Rastan III, Wonder Momo.

Moon Diver (official site here), the new 2.5-D platforming action game from Square-Enix hits Playstation Network this week and will debut on X-Box Live at a later date. Just in case you haven’t heard, the game is directed by Kouichi “Shiina” Yotsui (a.k.a. Isuke), the director of Strider (arcade) and Cannon Dancer (a.k.a. Osman). You can definitely see his influence all over this trailer.

Definitely looks like crazy fun to me. I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced and I’m impatiently waiting for the Playstation Store to update so I can finally play it. There will be a separate post about the game once I’ve played the game.

Update: Just bought and played the first stage of Moon Diver. EXCELLENT. You’ll love this if you love Strider. Also up for sale now is Rush’n Attack: Ex-Patriot, the revival of Konami’s Rush’n Attack/Green Beret franchise.

You’ve probably seen this link a lot lately but the areas that were hit are still suffering many hardships. I know that times are tight for many of us in the U.S. (take it from a chronically-broke guy like me) but please think of kicking in a few spare dollars when you have the chance. Every little bit helps.
Google: Resources related to the 2011 Japan Crisis

Here is a quick update with a cool sprite donation and some news.

Sprite Rips – Makron’s giant pack of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (arcade) sprites has been updated. This pack includes things that don’t even appear when you play the game so it’s worth the download if you plan to make a fan game or are just a fan of the Sailor Scouts.

Game Index – Streets of Rage 3 was added. Minor adjustments were made to the Sega company page. One minor goal I have for early 2011 is to have Game Index pages for certain series that I really like (Final Fight, SoR, Golden Axe) and those that don’t get much attention on English-speaking sites (Rushing Beat, Crime Fighters) before I start the Series Index (a new version of the old Saga section) later in the year. I’ll try to get at add at least one game to the index in every mini-update.

Breakin’ News

Item 1: Bionic Commando: Re-Armed is on sale for only $4.99 on Playstation Network. I gladly paid that much at K-Mart for my replacement copy of the NES cart over ten years ago so I’d say that getting an incredibly solid remake on a current-gen system is a steal. It’s more than a remake… it’s an adventure. If you’re even thinking about getting it, just get it now.

It was also announced that Hudson’s Turbografx-16 games will finally start hitting North American Playstation store. Check out the Destructoid story right here. New Adventure Island, Bonk’s Adventure and Bomberman ’94 will be in the first batch. It’s good to see some more old-school games hitting the network.

Item 2: Just in case you haven’t heard the good news…

… Mike Haggar is back.

Item 3: I just found out about the following man thanks to the creative double-threat known as Dynamowolf. I’m only learning about him now because I’m a shut-in even on the internet. Most of you will know his work already:

YouTube: WizzyWhipitWonderful

Yes, that’s a remix in the glorious style of a mid-90’s CPS-2 arcade game and it’s the work of Wizzy. He’s back on YouTube with new material that’s specifically designed to give eargasms to anyone who misses that raw sound you miss from X-Men:CotA and Marvel Super Heroes before Capcom’s BGM’s started getting all lounge-jazzy on us. Nothing against that but it doesn’t mix with fighting for most of us. He has a ton of work posted already so go through the catalog to hear some great remixes of various Capcom tracks including a few surprises. Be sure to subscribe and drop a note to let him know that you like what he’s layin’ down.

That’s enough for today. Have a good weekend!