I planned to have a bigger update than this, but, well, I’ll get into that later. For now, here’s the newness:

New sprites of Adam Hunter (from Sega’s Streets of Rage, Vixen (DC Comics) and Monica Rambeau in her Captain Marvel uniform (Marvel Comics) have been added to the Sega, DC and Marvel galleries. Ms. Rambeau’s Captain Marvel logo being added to the mini-logos gallery. All three characters are in the GFX Generators where Vixen also has 3 more palettes.

The All AmeriCon convention hits Warren, Ohio again on July 18th (one day before this site’s 15th Anniversary) and I’ll be getting a table there to sell scribbles. Get info about it by checking out the Facebook page for the event. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a few people I know from the internet will roll through, but I’ll announce that once it’s ready.

My plan is to get some pixel art things to sell alongside my usual scribbles and, possible, a mini-art book. To do that, I really do have to detach a bit from this site to work on those things and it needs to start not now, but right now. This site will still be updated at least once a month until the anniversary in July, though it won’t be as much as the crazy deluge of pixels I’ve been dropping on you for the past few months. Clean up work on the generators will continue to make way for crazy new features and a few things on the site will be fixed up. Some of the things I’m working on will also be sold through this site, because I want to make a game-related mini-book, too.

BTW: I had line work for one more sprite, but I might just save her for May. You’ll know why if you know who she is.

“This Valentine’s Day, lucky couples will find themselves in the sack. The unlucky ones will end up in a body bag. The DangerTerrorHorrorThon continues!”

Friday the 13th got its due in yesterday’s update, so lets celebrate Valentine’s Day with a horrorific twist!

Custom Sprites
Movies: Candyman and and the miner (My Bloody Valentine).
Capcom: two scratch-made Jill Valentine sprites in her MvsC3 fighting stance
Konami: A new scratch-made sprite of the Succubus from Symphony of the Night (replacing the old sprite edit)

– Movies: Candyman and My Bloody Valentine(1981)

Those bits of newness were added to the GFX Generators. The Candyman was also added to the Fake Screenshots in Mega Man NES sprite form.

That’s all for this weekend. Take care and keep having a great weekend!

Get ready for two days of the sort of horror-based pixel nonsense that rarely happens here outside of October!

Pamela Voorhees returns to physical (well, pixel) realm in search of her son only to find look-a-likes, doppelgangers and pretenders. Why, these men aren’t her son! What should be done about this mockery? Unfortunately, her answer is the only answer she’s known since Jason drowned all those years ago: “Kill them, mommy! Kill them!”

Custom Sprites
Movies: Pamela Voorhees
Namco: Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse, new pose)
Sega: Kid Chameleon as Manaix
Taito: Booster (Growl/Runark)
Tecmo: Hockey-masked thug (new to replace the 2013 sprite)

The GFX Generators were updated with the new items.

Here’s a few links to some cool stuff to keep that horror groove going:
Anyone disappointed that the real Jason didn’t show up here today should check out Rusty Shackle’s artwork of Jason Voorhees.

The Xiamat Tumblr has a very cool, low-color .GIF of Freddy Krueger that looks like he’s glitching his own NES game from the inside.

Seriously, just follow both of those Tumblrs if you want more of that goodness.

Also: be sure to check out Zombiepalooza Radio’s site and Facebook page!

Tomorrow’s tagline:
“This Valentine’s Day weekend, lucky couples will find themselves in the sack. The unlucky ones will end up in a body bag.”

Big changes are coming to the GFX Generators this year, but here’s a small one that may save you a few headaches. The GFX Generator now has a feature on the last page where you can adjust your choices of where the characters should be, hit the button, and see a reset version of the picture. You can even repeat one sprite/character in all the spots. Things like the character portraits and mini-logos will also switch with the changes. Unfortunately, character name text in the Mega Man NES select screens will not change, but there will be an option for that in the future if this new feature works. Site updates will continue to be a bit small while I work on things like this.

Meanwhile, people seemed to like how that new Raphael sprite looked, so now it’s Mikey’s turn:

I’ll probably wait until I have Don and Leo made before making full-on alternate versions (classic Mirage, 1988 toys), but he’ll have those palettes in the generators.

Gaming and Pixel News

The teaser trailer for “The Hit Squad” pixel art motion picture is here:

Be sure to check out the official site at ilovethehitsquad.com

The Foolish Brave: To Challenge a God is a pixel art side-scrolling platformer with a beautiful, charming design style and solid controls (as evidenced in the PLAYABLE demo on the site).

Check out the Kickstarter campaign if you’re interested and give if you can!

Flash week keeps rolling along! New sprites of Wally West (Justice League Task Force) and the Mirror Master have been added to the Custom Sprites gallery and GFX Generators. Mirror Master’s mini-logo is in there, too.

A new sprite of Flash from G.I.JOE, JL-JLU Wally West, Jay Garrick from the cover of Flash Comics #1 and Trickster with the yellow/orange/blue outfit were added to the G.I.JOE and DC Galleries. A Grandmaster Flash mini-logo was added to the new Music mini-logo gallery. All of these things were added to the GFX Generators, along with a new Superfriends palette for Captain Cold.

I’m pretty sure some of you just new this pun was coming.

Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold and the Trickster have been added to the Custom Sprite gallery, mini-logos for Grodd and Trickster were added to that area’s DC gallery and all these things have been added to the GFX Generators.

Arcade Quartermaster just added a bunch of game shrines today, so give that site a visit, too!

Thor the Warrior and Questor the Elf now join the other two O.G.’s (Original Gauntlet) in the site’s custom sprite gallery and GFX Generator. The Generators also have a rendered background based on Gauntlet II, Level 1, so you can add Gauntlet’s starting line-up and add a few more characters. The 16 x 16 in-game Gauntlet font, as seen in the preview screenshot, is in the Generator, too. I also improved Thyra’s palette while adding a brown outfit based on the Gauntlet II title screen.

The new Gauntlet revival game is now available through Steam. I don’t have it yet, but I’m using the game’s release as an excuse to finally make sprites from the game. Of course, the Commodore Amiga version of Gauntlet II was released in 1989, so I’m still covered.

The Beep: A Documentary History of Video Game Music & Sound has three days left to hit more stretch goals. They’ve announced that Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage series, Revenge of Shinobi, Actraiser and many more games), so I’m completely hyped for that. They’ve stacked up an all-star group of OST legends to interview and I’m looking forward to the finished product!

This site will be in a slightly low activity mode until the middle of October, when the monster and horror-related updates will start once again. I’ll be breaking those 1989-only rules for content, but remember that there are enough monster and horror-related games from that year to celebrate. Expect both the unexpected and the expected, though expecting the unexpected also makes it expected, BUT STILL.

There’s no space for introductory yammering, only for the newness!

Custom Sprites
Atari: Thyra the Valkyrie, Merlin the Wizard (three versions of each) from Gauntlet
Capcom: Amazons and Kuniang M.A. Team (Strider), Metal Man (Mega Man)
Final Fight: brand new Two.P and J (fighting stances)
Konami: Bayou Billy West
Sega: Joe Musashi (new RoS fight stance), the evil amazons from Golden Axe (arcade and Genesis/Mega Drive versions)
Taito: the Priest from Cadash
Technos: Riki (Kunio-Kun series), Billy and Jimmy Lee (new scratch-made sprites)
Games (other): Gogan from the Legendary Axe
Toys & Cartoons: Captain N (!)
TMNT: Bebop and Rocksteady

Mini-logos – Believe it or not, it’s another A-to-the-mothereffin’-Z mini-logo update with the entire alphabet representing!

– Atari: Thyra, Thor, Merlin and Questor
– Capcom: Hugo (USF4 style)
– Epyx: Epyx
– Kaneko: DJ Boy
– Konami: S.P.Y. Special Project Y, Ultra Games
– Marvel: X-Men, The Uncanny X-Men
– Movies: RoboCop
– Nintendo: Captain N
– Sega: Alex Kidd (High Tech World style), Yamato (Shinobi), Zeed
– SNK: Ikari III, the rescue, Guerrilla War
– Taito: Fighter (Cadash), Mage(Cadash), Ninja(Cadash), Priest (Cadash), Violence Fight
– Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden (NES box), Wild Fang
– Technos: Billy (Lee), Jimmy (Lee)
– Victor: Legendary Axe

GFX Generators – All those new sprites, characters and logos were added to the generators.
– Groupshot Generator: box 160×192 gets four new TurboGrafx-16 set-ups
– Backgrounds: Three Ultra Street Fighter IV backgrounds, one Double Dragon Neon background and a remake of Final Fight 1-1
– Updated characters: Poison (blue palette from Mighty Final Fight)

Minus World – the “Run, Woman, Run!” article was updated.

Game Index – added: the Adventures of Bayou Billy.

I hope that made up for the poot-butt, small updates from the past few months. There won’t be any updates this gigantic for a while, but this Revenge of 1989 theme still has some surprises in store. No promises, but there might be an additional update later this week, including tune-ups of earlier content and things I didn’t have time to work into this update.

“Hey, why are there Gauntlet characters in a 1989 update?” Besides the fact that there was a good port of Gauntlet 2 for the Commodore Amiga, there’s a new Gauntlet game coming out this month!

BTW: the Boy and his Pup Kickstarter is almost done, so help out if you can!

Edit (September 20, 2014) Besides making a few fixes here and there, the following things have been added:
Mini-logos: Rolento (Ultra Street Fighter IV), Bebop and Rocksteady (TMNT Classics)
Custom sprites: Kunio-kun (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari cover pose)
GFX Generators – All new content was added to their characters in the generators, fixes were made to a few characters (Andore/Hugo, Thyra the Valkyrie), the Lee Brothers new palettes were improved to include Double Dragon 1 sets (with the gray boots) and the “Mego: WGSH” has three new “head bubble” sets.

Okay, that’s enough for now.

I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at the All-AmeriCon convention in Warren, Oho this Sunday, the same convention that comic creators Darryl Banks and Jim Steranko will be! To celebrate that, I’ve made sprites based on their creations. Kyle Rayner, a character created by Darryl Banks and Ron Marz gets a hovering sprite and Madame Hydra (a.k.a. the Viper) now has a sprite based on the iconic pose from Captain America #111. Kyle also has his first Green Lantern cover logo while Viper has her Eaglemoss figurine logo (does she even have an official comic logo?) and a name graphic for the X-Men: Children of the Atom Vs. Screen. They’ve been added to the proper DC and Marvel sprite galleries along with the GFX Generators.

Bad news: Due to history repeating itself again, I’ll have to move to a different apartment sometime this month. The owners have to rip through this apartment to fix something that was messed up in another apartment, so it’s time to move again. I don’t have an exact date yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll completely screw up the July 19th anniversary update. Yeah, just like last year, too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Good news: I’ve set up a page on Illmosis where you can buy prints of some of my pictures. There are only a few game-related prints so far (including the Tyris Flare pic), but there will be more in the future.