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Enough progress has been made with the v.2 GFX Generator engine that I’ve put it on the site! One generator page, filled with (mostly) fighting game-scale game sprites, has most of the items from both the old Vs. Maker and Group Shot generator pages. There are also separate pages for Darkstalkers 3 and Marvel Super Heroes where each has characters who are 100% compatible with those Vs. Screens. A few things (like the secondary scene options) work a bit differently than before, but most of it is there. There’s still work to do on v.2 and the older generators will stay up until all their old functions and screens can be replicated with v.2. Rewriting this engine from (nearly) the ground up is something I’ve wanted to do for a lot of years, and it took a bit over a year (in-between making things for normal site updates and other work), but it feels good to have the new generator working this much. Effects like those shadows in the MSH Spider-Man stage windows were impossible with the old system (the same function can reflections there, too) and you can expect to see more effects and features added in future updates.

But that’s not all I have ready for the site this weekend! Come back tomorrow for a few new sprites of Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle characters!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been getting ready for the the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio (click the link to find details on their Facebook page).

Part of that preparation was finally getting around to doing some line art for prints, but I also made two new pixel art prints and those prints have just been added to the shop page:

The Legend of Zelda pic is based on the NES ending and, well, you’ll see this in something else I’m working on for the site. The JLA print has sprites (or variations of them) I made from scratch before with a few all-new sprites and an all-new background. Again, they’re available in the site’s shop and I’ll have them with me at the All AmeriCon convention this weekend!

It’s not on the site yet, but I’ve made a bit of progress with the new version of the generators:

I’ve got the oval and sprite-shaped shadows working and the reflections are next. It’s taking a lot of time to unravel my crappy old coding to replace with my current level of crappy coding, but it’s good to have it at 75% of what the original version does.

Custom Sprites (sprites also added to their GFX Generator characters)
Movies – A redone Jason Voorhees sprite
Tecmo – resprited the torso of the hockey mask drone from the arcade Ninja Gaiden.

GFX Generators: A new standalone version of the Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior) Vs. Screen is now ready and only has characters with all necessary elements. All of the standard Darkstalkers are there, but so are over a dozen guest stars. I’ve also made DS3-ish portraits for Splatterhouse’s Rick Taylor and Biggy Man.

While I planned to do a mini-DangerTerrorHorrorThon for this Friday the 13th, I’m a bit too tired from the day job to pull that off this time. Guess I’ll just have to save the horror for October…

Custom Portraits: Maki gets her SFA3 MAX portrait(imperfect, as I didn’t have an easy time ripping it), SNK’s Mai gets a new scratch-drawn SFA3 portrait, but so does Abobo (replacing the lame version I made a few years ago). The portraits were added to the v.2 image generator.

Also, a glaring omission was added to the Mega Man NES edits was added.

Thank you for the music.

The new GFX Generator engine has been upgraded to the point that it can replicate the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Vs. screen, though the ISM is stuck at X-ISM for now. I’ve added upgraded versions of every (I think) character from the old generator that had SFA3 portraits, and a few now have alternate palettes. Two new SFA3 portraits have been added: Cammy (a Delta Red edit of her Shadowloo pic) and Double Dragon’s Lee Brothers. The Lee Brothers pic was sketched out last year, but decided to wait until I got the portrait palette feature working.

Some of the older SFA3 portraits now have alternate palettes, but you’ll have to look around to see who has them. There will eventually be separate pages for certain generators where you’ll only see characters that work 100% with that specific screen, but things will be a bit jumbled until then.

Breakin’ News:

The always-productive Zvitor just released his long-awaited “Justice League vs. Street Fighter” crossover fan game!

Don’t worry, Gotham-related characters don’t dominate the DC side and some Final Fight mainstays in the Street Fighter side. You’ll also find a few surprise characters in the mix. You can download it from this page on Zvitor’s site.

edit (2016 04 16): This update hit the site in the wee hours of the morning, before I knew it was the birthday of artist Rusty Shackles. Happy birthday to him and both the site and site creator of VGJunk, who celebrated with a look at Final Fight!

Work on the rewritten GFX Generators is going along nicely. I had to pause working on it while I drew a commission, but I’m back on the case. I’d made a few posts on Tumblr (here, here and here), but kept forgetting to make a post about it on the site for people who read the blog or follow the RSS.


The current version of the engine can mimic the Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Screen, including the new portrait palettes feature. That screen wasn’t a random choice, because the original (and current) generator engine started life as only making fake MSH Vs. screens. That means I started by redoing some of the oldest (and most badly coded) parts of the old engine. The character data file format was changed, so the early work had me testing everything from a Spider-Man test character, so he’s the stand-in sprite for a lot of early test shots.


One unexpectedly big hurtle was updating the MSH portraits with palettes. Sorting 16 colors for sprites is easy, and characters with sprite overlay effects add a bit of challenge. These portraits MSH portraits can hit the 40 and 50 color range, including some colors that are virtually the same, but that’s not the worst part. You can’t immediately tell when certain characters have shading sections that appear and disappear depending on which palette it’s using. Most problems are little things, like a few pixels of Psylocke’s psi-blade sharing colors with her belt in the main palette, but not the P2 colors. I just mapped them to an extra color, no big deal. Then there’s Iron Man.



Seriously, look at the lines above the faceplate and the edge lighting on the helmet. It looks like the shading changes for a few tiles (and viewing the tiles in WinKawaks while scrolling through palettes doesn’t seem to make it look like the P2 version). A few P2 portraits have separate versions because mapping is far too ridiculous for me to deal with. On the flip side, Blackheart only had 16 colors. 16 colors! Since many of the portraits I’ll be updating don’t have color maps as nice as Mephisto Jr’s, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to boil all of them down to one portrait.

While this new version has a long way to go before replacing the generators you see on the site, it will soon be finished enough for me to upload a generator that only does that MSH Vs. Screen. Don’t worry, you’ll have more than the 12 default characters in there. I’ll slowly add new screen and graphic generators as I convert more features and characters to the new engine format until it completely replaces the main generators you see on the site now. This will start VERY soon, so get ready for it!

Today’s the last of the Gotham City-themed updates, but it’s also ties up a few loose ends and fixes a few things. Here’s what’s up:

Custom Sprites – Batgirl, Bane and Catman have been added to the DC Gallery. A few more Catwoman sprite was added to the Catwoman.

Mini-logos: Batgirl, Bane, Penguin (Mego) and Catman logos added to DC gallery

Those new items have been added to the GFX Generators along with the third background of this week’s theme: a street based on the first stage of Batman for the Sega Genesis. That stage has two versions: original flavor and custom generic bar with neon signs and trash. I also added a couple of plain Catwoman sprites with a lot of palette options, because there’s no such thing as too many Catwomans.

That’s it for this theme. I’ve got to get back to work on pixel art and scribbles for the upcoming All AmeriCon convention. Again, due to the convention being on July 18th, the anniversary update on July 19th won’t be big. I hope you have fun with these updates and I’ll be back again in a few weeks!

Anyone who needs a bad pun for this update can choose between “Catwomen on a Hot Brick Roof” or “Catwomen Not on the Moon.” Check it out:

Custom Sprites: There are so many new Catwoman sprites that she becomes the first comic character here to get her own gallery! All new sprites have been added to that Catwoman gallery. No, I didn’t sprite every single Catwoman, but I think it’s a good start.

Mini-logos: Catwoman (Mego logo) added to DC gallery

All those feline-related pixels have been added to the GFX Generators where you’ll also find yet another background: a rooftop with a Bat-Signal shining in the sky! Many of her sprites in the generators have extra palettes, so have fun playing with those, too.

There will be a small wrap-up update tomorrow that includes Gotham’s favorite librarian and another background!

Custom Sprites – the following scratch-made sprites were added to the galleries
Sega: Opa-Opa and Upa-Upa
DC Comics: an all-new Riddler sprite
Jaleco: a new Kazan (Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran) standing sprite
Games (Independent): new gallery page with Bruizer and Pugi from Combat Core and a 2013 sprite of Sen from Project Sen (which reminds me that I need to make a better sprite of her)

Mini-Logos – Opa-Opa and Upa-Upa added to Sega gallery, the Riddler added to DC Comics gallery
All of these things have been added to the GFX Generators. Opa-Opa was secretly added last week, but this update gives him a palette for his brother, Upa-Upa.

The Bruizer and Pugi sprites were made to show support for the Combat Core Kickstarter. The campaign ends on Sunday, June 14th, and the party brawler (the best name I’ve seen for that kind of fighting game) still needs your help to be funded. You can even get an alpha of the game from the Kickstarter page to convince you that the game is worth helping!

Check out this MABManZ interview with Rated S Gaming that also has footage of new things in the game, including an arena with a Japanese Exploding Ropes Death Match wrestling ring.

That’s all the main info for today’s update, but there’s a bit more info behind this cut. Have a good weekend!


New sprites of Pac-Man, the original four ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde), Sue and Miru (from Pac & Pal) have been added to the new Pac-Man custom sprite gallery and the GFX Generators. The new Pac-Man gallery also has the animated scenes I posted on Friday, Pac-Man’s 35th anniversary. The Generators (the ones that use fighting game-style sprites) also have a new scratch-made background based on the Pac-Family home from Pac-Land and the Group 384×244 variable pic now has the 16×16 font from Namco Classics Collection vol 2 that looks like a bigger version of Namco’s classic font.

BTW: Ms. Pac-Man got a new sprite in the Mother’s Day update, so don’t feel that she was neglected this time!

edit 2015-05-25: Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are now ready to enter a different kind of brawl…

Added to the GFX Generators and the Custom Portraits gallery.